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Vill du lära dig flyga drönare, eller konsten att fota och filma med drönare? Att lära sig flyga drönare är inte svårt men det krävs tålamod att få till motoriken i rörelser och att få grepp om reglerna som gäller för att flyga lagligt. Jag har hjälpt elever att lära sig flyga drönare sedan 2019 och fram tills idag har jag haft ett tjugotal elever som fått lära sig grundkunskaper om drönare, flygteknik och vad man ska tänka på kring drönarfoto och hur man med drönare filmar cinematiskt.

Learn to fly DJI drones

Do you want to learn how to fly drones? I started teaching about DJI drones in 2019 and since then I have taught and shared my knowledge with a dozen drone enthusiasts, both for professional and for hobby usage.  


Over the last year I've been giving drone lessons to both beginners and proficients in subjects from the drone basics to cinematic filming.  I love to see how my students fall in love with the new perspectives the drone gives them access to.  

To me, it's important to help my students get to know the drone. I want them to get an understanding of why it behaves in a certain way and why - and how it reacts to different situations and circumstances.  

Cinematic drone videography is all about how you move the drone and how you apply a feeling to the filming and I will teach you everything that goes through my mind when I try to create magic!

Private or Business

Whether you are a hobbyist who wants to fly drone over your summer house or you are a business owner who wants to educate your employees - I'm here to help.

I can teach how to use DJI drones.


My areas of teaching

  • Drone basics

  • Drone flying

  • Drone filming & photography

  • Mapping & Inspection by drone


Ahmed Hamis

Camilla has taught me many things about drones. From the base controls, general photography logic, quick editing to  cinematic video capture,  composition and framing.


The greatest things  I have learned from observing her on the field, is to always think of ways of using the drone conservatively and efficiently  for the best results.


I really enjoyed listening to her giving me advice  on how to improve my skillset and it made me build confidence in my skills.


I am very fortunate to have met her as she captures  the most stunning footage wherever she goes.


Nicole Nyström

Camilla is extremely dedicated in what she is doing and  while teaching she is really putting 100% of her focus in you.

Practicing  c o ntained theoretical practice to actually learn and understand how a drone works, laws and safety  followed by a lot of hands-on teaching  in the air.


Another great thing is that Camilla is inspired  by nature and really manage to teach in a way where you are able to mix daring with caring. I can definitely recommend Camilla as a teacher, she will encourage you, inspire you and she will not stop until you become a good pilot.

And yes, it all ended up with me getting my own drone. I'm so excited to fly using  my new skills!


Shifan Shihab

“Jag hade privilegiumet att få agera Camillas drönarassistent under ett stort creative-content-projekt på en lyxresort på Maldiverna.


Under de fyra dagarna som jag gick bredvid Camilla var hon nog mest exalterad över att  lära mig allt jag behövde veta och göra mig till en grym drönarpilot. Camilla gav mig alla de nödvändiga verktygen och lärde mig tekniker för att kunna hjälpa henne att skapa otroligt innehåll för resorten.


Jag är otroligt tacksam mot Camilla för att hon erbjöd mig jobbet som assistent och för att hon tog sig tid att lära mig. Jag önskar henne all lycka i karriären!”


Contact Me

Camilla Dellión

Drone Photographer & Videographer

SWE +46721777837

Whatsapp  +46721777837

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