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Stockfoto och stockfilm är ett utmärkt alternativ när du behöver material att fylla ut dina videos med eller när du behöver en bild av något och inte själv har det i ditt bibliotek.

Pictures & Videos
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Do you need B-roll footage, clips associated with your brand identity, complement ground filmed material with drone clips or do you want to use aerial shots as transitions between scenes?


I have all kinds of clips, shots and footage showing all kinds of scenes. From the cold winter to the flowery summers of Scandinavia, cityscapes and thousands of paradise islands of Asia, the island of volcanoes in the north, skyscrapers of the Big Apple, Orange County Coastline to the tropicals down in the South Sea.

I film in 4K. My clips are 5 seconds - 5 minutes in duration. Footage of Scandinavia of special scenes or duration can be ordered on demand.  


  • Cityscapes

  • Scandinavian Nature

  • Scandinavian Archipelago

  • Tropical Paradise

  • Raw volcanic nature

  • Oceanic wildlife


  • Sweden

  • Norway

  • Iceland

  • US

  • Maldives

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

  • Indonesia

  • Tonga

  • Fiji


I have provided a lot of companies and brands with drone footage that mediates the feelings and vibes they want to express with their visual marketing material. You can see one example below. 

Biofiber Tech asked me for a clip showing green healthy forest minimum 15 seconds duration. This is what they got and this is how their hero banner looks on their landing page on their website!

Contact Me

Camilla Dellión

Drone Photographer & Videographer

SWE +46721777837

Whatsapp  +46721777837

Thank you for your message!

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