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About Camilla

Camilla is the kind of drone photographer who aims to create magic with her drone. She works in an artistic and creative manner and she for and flies her drone with passion.

She sees it as her call in life to capture the moments of life and to tell important stories with her drone.

Reference Drone Projects

Bostadsfoto & fastighetsfoto med drönare

Camilla has created real estate videos with her drone since 2018 and she has a wide experience of capturing properties and residence. She creates and put together conspicuous photo and video presentations for realtors and property owners. Camilla flies her drone both indoor and outdoor to create videos that sell!


Camilla started flying drones 2017.  She started her professional creating journey with the drone 2018 in the Maldives and in Indonesia where she photographed and filmed luxurious resorts and hotels, fashion and yoga retreats from above. Today, Camilla is based in Stockholm where she creates photo and video content with her drone for a varied range of clients in real estate, properties and services. 

Drönarfotograf-Stockholm Camilla-Dellion-Drönarfoto-drönarpilot
Drönarfotograf-Stockholm Camilla-Dellion-Drönarfoto-drönare
Drönarfotograf-Stockholm Camilla-Dellion-Drönarfoto-drönarvideograf.JPG
Drönarfotograf-Stockholm Camilla-Dellion-Drönarfoto-drönaroperatör

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